Beatrix Finds a Wedding

2019’s Enchanted Brush Exhibit at the Mazza Museum, was themed “Inspiration”. Artists were asked to create an image that was related to an artist that inspired them. Beatrix Potter has been an incredible influence on my own work. So I created as sort of portrait of her. Made with gouache and colored pencil on paper, the final art size is 16 1/4 by 24 1/4 inches. Read on for my Artist's Statement.

For this year's Enchanted Brush Exhibition theme of "inspired" I created a portrait of Beatrix Potter. From a young age I was delighted and enthused by her sense of whimsy and you can definitely see her influence in my own work. This portrait of her is not just a physical depiction of her face but also of her inner world. I am fascinated by how she drew inspiration from her own surroundings. I have always imagined her walking through her life and seeing her characters making tea and getting into trouble. in my image she has come upon a mouse's wedding reception behind her lilacs and peers on in delight.